Genocides since 1900

armenian children.jpg
Children of the Armenian genocide, 1915
Image courtesy of the Armenian Genocide Museum

Throughout history there have been many genocides of peoples across the world, perpetrated by groups and/or on behalf of governments.

The genocide section of The Holocaust Explained will firstly explain the stages of genocide. An explanation of these stages can be found by clicking here.

There is also information about a number of genocides perpetrated across the world since 1900.

These include:

The Herero and Namaqua Genocide, 1904-1907
The Armenian Genocide, 1915
The Cambodian Genocide, 1975-1979
The Rwandan Genocide / Genocide against the Tutsi, 1994
The Srebrenica Massacre, or Genocide, 1995
The Darfur Genocide, since 2003