Jews in occupied countries

6.1A2 USHMM 00410 Vienna boys choir, We sing for Adolf Hiltler, druing Hitler's 1st official visit Austria after Anschluss.jpg
A chilling image of how the Nazis propaganda machine worked. The Vienna boys' choir and Austrian children give the Nazi salute during Adolf Hitler's first official visit to Austria after the Anschluss, 1938.
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On 12 March 1938 the Nazis marched into Austria. In Vienna 90 per-cent of the population came out to welcome them.

Austria was the first of many countries across Europe that were invaded and/or controlled by Hitler’s regime. Each chapter brought with it an increase in the number of Jews within the Nazi sphere of influence and control.

This section of The Holocaust Explained will seek to highlight key events and features of the Jewish experience in countries that were occupied by the Nazis.