Mein Kampf

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Now you have read the section on antisemitism, reflect:

  • Why do you think Hitler and others might have thought that the Jews were conspiring to rule the world for themselves?
  • Why might Hitler have linked communism and Jews?
  • Why did the Nazis want to rid Germany of mentally and physically disabled people?

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Mein Kampf

While in prison, Hitler wrote his book Mein Kampf, in which he set out his political ideas and developed his antisemitic ideas.

Mein Kampf did not contain any new ideas. Many people in the 19th and 20th centuries had believed that races were not equal, and that some people were stronger or better than others.

Hitler took on these ideas, and stated that Germans were part of a race called ‘Aryans’ who were superior to all others and would one day rule the world. Aryans were said to have blonde hair and blue eyes and be of North European descent.

In Hitler’s view, Jews were a separate race and could not be German. He believed the Jews conspired against Aryans to rule the world for themselves.

Hitler also believed that communism was a huge threat to Germany and should be destroyed. He thought that communism was a Jewish invention and that was another reason why he hated the Jews.

Hitler also wanted to rid Germany of the mentally and physically disabled, because they were seen as imperfect and also a drain on the resources of the ‘master race’.