How did antisemitism develop?

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In some countries during the medieval period Jews were banned from building synagogues.
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Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power in January 1933. Very quickly they used antisemitism apparent within certain sections of the German population to systematically impose their antisemitic policies on the whole population of Germany. From 1938, when the Nazis began to invade neighbouring countries across Europe they sought to draw on antisemitism evident within local communities.

When learning about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust people ask many questions including:

  • What is antisemitism?
  • Where did it originate and how did it spread?
  • What were the Nazis’ racial ideas?
  • How did the Nazis use peoples' antisemitism in order to carryout their racial policies?

Read the Antisemitism section of The Holocaust Explained to help you answer the above questions and more.

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