How did the Nazis gain power?

3.4e USHMM 24527 car in which Hitler rides moves through supporters as it leaves Chancellery after meeting with Hindenburg.jpg
Hitler rides through a crowd of his supporters after meeting President Hindenburg in January 1933.
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The First World War, which began in the Summer of 1914 and ended in November 1918, claimed many millions of lives and changed the lives of hundreds of millions of others across the world forever.

The years that followed the First World War were to see the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, the most notorious political character of the twentieth century. The lives of many millions of people across Europe would be devastated as a result of the beliefs, policies and actions of the Nazis led by Hitler.

  • What were the effects of the war on Germany?
  • What were the experiences of the German people?
  • How did a previously unknown and insignificant man come to power and affect the lives of so many across the whole of Europe?

This section will help you understand the answers to these questions and many more.

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