The Wannsee Conference is called

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Heydrich called leading officials of the various departments of the Nazi government and SS to a meeting on 8 December 1941. However, this was postponed until January 1942. 

On 20 January 1942, 15 leading officials of the Nazi state met at a villa in Wannsee, a suburb of Berlin. These officials were highly educated men; two thirds of them were lawyers and many of them had obtained doctorates from leading German universities.

Heydrich announced to the meeting a programme of organised deportation of Jews to the East. However, every participant at the meeting knew that the ’Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ did not merely mean the deportation of Jews.

The ’Final Solution’ was a code name for the murder of all the Jews of Europe. The people present at the conference were to discuss how to make mass murder happen in an organised and methodical way. No one present at the meeting objected to the ’Final Solution’ – the debates were on how it should happen.