Survivors: remembering the Holocaust


Freddie was an Austrian Jewish boy born in Vienna, Austria in 1921. During the war he joined the resistance in south west France. Later, Freddie found himself at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Fortunately, he survived his time in the camp and eventually came to live in the UK.

Like many survivors, Freddie did not initially tell people about his experiences.


Simon was born in 1938, in a town called Radyviliv (pronounced Raji vil of), which was at the time in Poland (now in the Ukraine). The town had a large vibrant Jewish community.

Simon and his family, survived life in the ghetto and on the run. However, many members of his extended family had died.


Ruth was born in 1935 in Berlin, Germany to a Jewish father and a Christian mother. As a result, the Nazis classed Ruth as Jewish.

After Kristallnacht on 9 November 1938 Ruth’s family decided that she and her brother, Martin, should be sent to Britain on the kindertransport. Ruth and Martin's story had many twists and turns, for Ruth the story was not a happy one.