SS Dr Johannes Paul Kremer

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Dr Kremer was a senior lecturer at the University of Munster. He joined the Nazi Party in 1932 and rose to a high position in the SS. In the university holiday, he went to the SS hospital in Prague and then was sent to Auschwitz where for a period he worked as the camp doctor overseeing executions by gas.

He kept a diary during his period in Auschwitz. Below are extracts:

1st September 1942

Wrote to Berlin for officer’s cap, belt, braces. In afternoon, attended block gassing with Zyklon B against lice.

2nd September 1942

3am Attended my first Sonderaktion… They don’t call Auschwitz the extermination camp for nothing!

6th September 1942

Today Sunday, excellent luncheon: tomato soup, half a chicken with potatoes and red cabbage, dessert and wonderful vanilla ice cream.


In 1943 Dr Kremer returned to teaching at Munster University. He was extradited to Poland in 1946 and sentenced to death in 1947 for crimes committed in Auschwitz. His sentence was reduced to life imprisonment and he was released in January 1958 for good behaviour.