How did people respond?

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The world was aware of the Nazi's antisemitic policies and actions from the very beginning. This photograph of the book burning in Germany during March 1933 appeared in News Week on 27 March 1933. Why did the world not act against the Nazis?
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The Holocaust is very difficult to understand. It tested human nature and led to extreme reactions.

Some writers today, when they consider the Holocaust, categorise the people affected in the following ways: as victims, as perpetrators, as bystanders and as rescuers.

This section gives examples from each category and explains how people across the world responded to the events in Nazi controlled Europe. This includes the treatment of communities and peoples by the Nazis and their accomplices.

More importantly, the section seeks to question why some people acted in a way that enabled or allowed the Nazis to carry out their inhumane polices and why others acted to protect and save lives.