Activity: How did Nazi policies affect Jews in Germany?

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Learning outcomes

By the end of this activity:

  • All students will be able to describe ways in which the lives of Jewish people were affected by the Nazis’ policies.


  • Most students should be able to explain a number of ways in which the lives of German Jews were affected by the Nazis’ policies and actions.


  • Some students may be able to explain in detail the ways in which the Nazis’ policies and actions affected Jewish peoples’ lives and how they dealt with these actions. 


In order to carry out this activity you will need to take information from the text, images and Survivor interview videos contained within the following sections of The Holocaust Explained:

Nazi antisemitism 1933 to 1939 timeline

Implementing racial policies

Impact on Jewish communities

Antisemitic policies

Antisemitic laws

Education: The Jewish experience

The Evian Conference

Kristallnacht: Night of the broken glass

You might also wish to browse for more information on the Key Stage 4 section.

How did Nazi policies affect Jews in Germany?

On 30 January 1933 Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. As early as March 1933 the SA increased their attacks on Jews. 

The Nazis targeted Jewish communities across Germany in many ways. How did these Nazi policies and attacks affect the Jews of German between 1933 and 1939? 

In this Reflective Learning Activity you will develop your understanding of how the Nazis’ policies impacted upon Jewish communities across Germany.


It is May 1939; the British government has had calls to allow more Jewish refugees into the country. However, the government is not convinced that the situation is as severe as has been reported in the press. You have been asked to research the situation and report back to parliament.

You will need to present your report in a speech. 

Stage 1: Carrying out and recording your research 

Use the information on the media assets, text and videos contained on the suggested pages to enable you to develop a mind map that will help you produce your speech. You can either use the categories suggested below, or choose some of your own. (Also see the mind map above)

  • Nazi Racial Policies
  • Physical treatment of Jews
  • Anti-Jewish laws
  • The experience of Jewish children
  • The experience of Jewish adults
  • The causes and events of Kristallnacht        

Stage 3: Drafting your speech

Open and save a new Word or other word processing document.


You should write a concise introduction that outlines the Nazis’ racial policy.


You should then write concise paragraphs explaining each of the categories of your research. Briefly outline the Nazi policies and how these affected Jews. You should try to explain how Jewish citizens tried to deal with the situation in which they found themselves. 


Write a concluding paragraph that reviews the evidence and answers the question: How did Nazi policies affect Jews in Germany?

 Once completed, save and print your report