How did the Nazis gain control?

4.1a YV 8250 Nuremberg,1933 SS marching with Nazi party flags.jpg
A sinister image; the SS march holding Nazi party flags, Nuremberg, 1933.
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On coming to power the Nazis quickly began to assert their dominance on and control of the people of Germany. In dealing with all forms of opposition they developed many concentration camps. The first of these established in the town of Dachau on 1 April 1933. The network of camps would be employed to brutally support the Nazis’ control of Germany and later many peoples and lands across Europe.

Hitler and the Nazis sort to control every part of public life, including employment, education and the economy. The Nazis’ racial policies were at the centre of their ideals. The development of Germany as the master race was the focal point of their social, economic a political policies. Women had a key role in this area of Nazi policy.

The Nazi Party used all the propaganda at their disposal to reinforce their views on the German public.

In defiance of the Treaty of Versailles, the Nazis also began a re-armament programme aimed at supplying tanks, aeroplanes, guns and ships for the military. These armaments would support the policy of expansionism towards the end of the 1930s.


This section will highlight the main policies the Nazis used to control everyday life in Germany. The text and media assets will help you gain an understanding of how these policies and events affected the people of Germany.