Community life

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A class photograph of Jewish pupils with their teacher Mozes Goubitz. The students are learning to read the Torah. The photograph is part of an album documenting life in the Jewish quarter during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.
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Within the Jewish community one will find an extremely rich cultural life. Jewish religious and community life across the world and within Britain is all encompassing.

The synagogue is one of the most important institutions in Judaism.

As Jewish religious texts say that Jewish families must teach their children carefully, education institutions are also central to Jewish cultural life.

Jews often prefer to live in Jewish communities for the convenience of being close to Jewish schools, synagogues, kosher food shops and whatever allows them to live a religious cultural life. Within the Jewish community one will also find a remarkable network of welfare provision that supports the young, the sick, the old and the needy.

This section of The Holocaust Explained will describe and explain the richness of these Jewish community institutions and Jewish cultural life in general.