The 'Y' Word

‘The Y-Word’, written and produced by David and Ivor Baddiel, has received widespread support from London’s Premier League clubs. 

David Badiel says: “The film is not intended to censor football fans“. It's simply to raise awareness that the y-word is - and has been for many, many years - a race hate word.” 

Despite the y-word being used for many years as a term of abuse, some fans may not even know what they are chanting. However, there are certainly others who fully understand that the chants constitute antisemitic abuse. 

All football clubs are committed to combating antisemitism and have been working with ‘Kick it out’ in their campaign to eliminate all forms of racism from the game. This is especially true in London with some clubs being close to the largest Jewish communities.

The FA supports the film and hopes “that it has a positive impact in educating football fans on antisemitic behaviour".

The PFA also supports the campaign. The organisation “has a zero-tolerance stance to all forms of racism, bigotry and hatred and this includes all forms of antisemitism. Chants and songs are a part of football culture but [they] will not condone any form of chanting that causes offence to players or the majority of supporters who go to the game to enjoy football”.

(source:  © 2011 Kick It Out)