What were Hitler's ideas?

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Hitler believed that the Aryan people and Germany was destined to rule the world. He also felt that democracy and workers’ rights would disrupt society.

He thought Germans should have enough ‘living space’ and that only people of German or Aryan blood should live in Germany. He believed that no non-Germans should have any say in Germany. He did not believe that Jews could be Germans.

Hitler believed that communism was a huge threat to Germany and should be destroyed. He thought that communism was a Jewish invention and that was another reason why he hated the Jews. He also wanted to rid Germany of the mentally and physically disabled, because they were seen as imperfect and also a drain on the resources of the ‘master race’.

Hitler wanted to create a generation of young Aryans who were physically fit and totally obedient. They would create a new Germany that would rule the world for a thousand years.